My Session and Experience at VMware Explore India 2023

I had the privilege to present a topic at the prestigious event – VMware Explore India 2023 with my colleague and friend Vinay Agarwal (@vmvtips) held at Jio World Center, Mumbai. This was a breakout session and our topic was “Achieve Security and Availability in Containers with Antrea, AKO, AMKO & NSX” (CSCA1104-26IN) held on April 11,2023 at the Jasmine 2 Hall.

Our session was on Track 3 and we were excited to see a new delivery experience. All the breakout sessions were delivered sound-free over headphones. Presenters and attendees wear headphones and use track selector remote to connect to the specific track of their choice, and for us it was Track 3.

Vinay started the session with NSX container vision and Project Antrea. He walked through the integration of Antrea with NSX architecture, enhancements of Antrea network policies over Kubernetes network policies, implementing IDS security with Antrea followed by a quick demo of Antrea – NSX integration and applying security policies right from NSX.

My presentation started with the Ingress services architecture for containers with Avi Kubernetes Operator (AKO) where I walked through the NSX ALB management plane, data plane, load balancing and ingress services for Kubernetes.

I then talked about the AKO CRDs – HostRule CRD, HTTPRule CRD & AVIInfraSetting CRD and discussed how these CRDs can be leveraged to customize the load balancer and ingress services and the different policies that can be applied to achieve security for the applications.

The last 10 minutes was around Avi Multi Cluster Kubernetes Operator (AMKO) to achieve availability of Ingress services across multiple locations. I talked about AMKO Federation, configuration specs of leader & follower sites, and adding Ingress services to GSLB using tag based matching. I also touch based on the AMKO CRDs mainly the GSLBHostRule CRD to customize the GSLB application with ingress availability options.

Finally, we opened for Q&A. We had few questions and discussions around real world use cases from audience and we were extremely happy to hear positive comments on our topic.

This was a memorable two-day event. We networked with lot of delegates from customer and partner organizations. We had vExpert meet-ups on Day 2, and I met many of my LinkedIn and Twitter friends whom I have never met before, this was amazing.

Finally we had a great PARTY night at hotel and had my flight back to home on the next day.

Sweet memories!!! Thank you VMware Explore Team!!!

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