Cisco IT Blog Awards 2019 – Finalist

I am excited to announce that I have been chosen to be a finalist in the Cisco IT Blog Awards 2019 under the category “Most Educational“.


I have been blogging around Network Virtualization since January this year and this is the first time I submitted my blog for the Cisco IT Blog Awards. In fact, 2019 was a great year for me. I have been chosen to be a Cisco Champion early this year followed by VMware vExpert & vExpert NSX awards. Getting involved in community contributions and discussions really helped me a lot to advance in my career. This also gave me inspiration on consistent blogging to share knowledge with the community. As the famous saying, sharing knowledge equals twice the learning.

I am really thankful for the overwhelming support from the community, my colleagues, my friends, my family and I’m very glad to hear comments and emails on how my articles helped to understand the technology as well as on the certification studies.

To know more about Cisco IT Blog Awards 2019, visit

This is the link to the voting app:

Under the “Most Educational” category, you will find VxPlanet along with 10 amazing blogs. Please make sure to visit all the blogs and vote for your favorite. This is the Cisco criteria to consider while casting your votes:


If you would like casting your vote to me, then click VxPlanet


Also, please consider having a look at the other categories as well because there are some excellent blogs to read and bookmark.

Remember voting lines close on December 13, 2019

Thank you to all the readers for your time and consideration.


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